The Depths of Double Eyelid Surgery in Singapore

Double Eyelid Surgery can remove excessive droopy skin or provide or upgrade the double eyelid. It is also called Double Eyelid Blepharoplasty. You need double eyelid surgery if you are tired of using eyelid tape and glue to create more creases. If you reside in Singapore and you will like to possess double eyelids, you will need a trusted Double Eyelid Surgery Singapore.

What Double Eyelid Surgery, Singapore Means

Adopting an efficient and permanent way to create double eyelids will require a plastic surgeon to utilize plastic surgery methods, surgical procedures, and incisions. Mostly, non-incisional and incisional techniques that have the possibility of affecting the eyelid skin need to be done by board-certified plastic surgeons only.

For Double Eyelid Surgery, the muscle and tissue are removed surgically to form a crease. In some cases, an epicanthoplasty is done together with it. An epicanthoplasty is a process of increasing the eyes’ width so they can be bigger and more attractive.

To proceed, you need a good understanding of the terms ‘non-Incisional blepharoplasty’ and ‘incisional blepharoplasty’.

Non-incisional Blepharoplasty

It is a method that forms no scars and involves eyelid stitching so that it can create a crease. One perk about this method for many is that it consists of no precision, just like the name suggests. While carrying out this process, sutures are inserted through the tissues to create skin tightening as the crease forms, and the process is terminated.

Incisional Blepharoplasty 

In this process, the role of the plastic surgeon is to take out excess muscle, tissue, and fat to form a crease. This method has several uses. They include:

  • To remove excess skin that can hinder your vision, thereby treating droopy eyelids with a droopy eyelid surgery
  • Changing your eye shape

What to Expect During a Double Eyelid Surgery in Singapore

Typically, you will have to undergo a thorough consultation where your facial anatomy will be evaluated, and desired changes will be stated.

Averagely, this process occurs for about 20 minutes as it is straightforward and safe. It usually does not require an overnight stay afterward. The patients get anesthesia after the procedure, and if done by a professional, you should feel comfortable throughout the process.

Difference Between a Triple Suture Technique and a Double Suture Technique

The double suture procedure is less invasive than a conventional double eyelid method. A double suture procedure also adopts a recovery time shorter than the conventional double eyelid method. It does not make any compromises on the aesthetic results. But, sometimes, the sutures eventually loosen up with a lesser prominent fold. The occurrence is more common for patients that have thicker skin.

In the case of a triple suture procedure, it is formed with a triple looped, single continuous suture which can reinstate the fold. It can lower the possibility of causing the suture to break or loosen, thereby making it last longer. In Singapore, not many plastic surgeons can perform this surgery. However, is one of the top clinics in the country that is fully capable of carrying-out a professional Double Eyelid Surgery for you as we have several successful years of experience in the field.


A Double Eyelid Surgery requires specific expertise from a plastic surgeon to obtain a successful result. You may only encounter about 2 weeks of swelling and discomfort if

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